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Built-in functions

You already know about some of the built-in functions:

  • Strings functions, such as .upper(), .lower(), str(), and `len().
  • type() and type conversion functions: int(),float(),str().

Now we are going to learn three new functions: min, max,abs.

max and min

The max and min functions give us the largest and smallest values in a list, respectively:

Example with max:

>>> def biggest_number(*args):
...     print max(args)
...     return max(args)
>>> biggest_number(-10, -5, 5, 10)

Note: The result of print and return is the same in this case.Usually print displays something in the screen, while return asignd the function the stablished value.

Example with minand strings:

>>> min("Erle")


The absfunction returns the absolute value of a number, let's see an example:

>>> def distance_from_zero(arg):
...     print abs(arg)
...     return abs(arg)
>>> distance_from_zero(-10)