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Uploading Data

File data can also be uploaded through FTP. As with downloading, there are two basic functions for uploading: storbinary() and storlines(). Both take a command to run, and a file-like object to transmit. The storbinary() function will call the read() method repeatedly on that object until its content is exhausted, while storlines(), by contrast, calls the readline() method. Unlike the corresponding download functions, these methods do not require you to provide a callable function of your own. (But you could, of course, pass a file-like object of your own crafting whose read() or readline() method computes the outgoing data as the transmission proceeds. shows how to upload a file in binary mode.

from ftplib import FTP
import sys, getpass, os.path

if len(sys.argv) != 5:
    print "usage: %s <host> <username> <localfile> <remotedir>" % (

host, username, localfile, remotedir = sys.argv[1:]
password = getpass.getpass(
    "Enter password for %s on %s: " % (username, host))

f = FTP(host)
f.login(username, password)

fd = open(localfile, 'rb')
f.storbinary('STOR %s' % os.path.basename(localfile), fd)


This program looks quite similar to our earlier efforts. Since most anonymous FTP sites do not permit file uploading, you will have to find a server somewhere to test it against; I simply installed the old, venerable ftpd on my laptop for a few minutes and ran the test like this:

root@erlerobot:~/Python_files# python localhost brandon test.txt /tmp

You can modify this program to upload a file in ASCII mode by simply changing storbinary() to storlines().