Erle Robotics C++ GitBook


Tokens are the minimals chunk of program that have meaning to the compiler – the smallest meaningful symbols in the language. Our code displays all 6 kinds of tokens, though the usual use of operators is not present here:

Token type Description/Purpose Examples
Keywords Words with special meaning to the compiler int, double, for, auto
Identifiers Names of things that are not built into the language cout, std, x, myFunction
Literals Basic constant values whose value is specified directly in the source code "Hello, world!",24.3, 0, ’c’
Operators Mathematical or logical oper­ations +, -, &&, %, <<
Punctuation/Separators Punctuation defining the structure of a program { } ( ) , ;
Whitespace Spaces of various sorts; ig­nored by the compiler Spaces, tabs, newlines, com­ments