Snappy Ubuntu Core

Snappy Ubuntu Core is the new version of Ubuntu that includes transactional updates - a minimal server image with the same libraries as today’s Ubuntu, but applications are provided through a simpler mechanism. The snappy approach is faster, more reliable, and lets us provide stronger security guarantees for apps and users.

We've partnered with Canonical to deliver the next generation of robots connected to the internet and having access to automatic security upgrades, applications and developer tools.

Software architecture

There are four layers that make up a snappy machine: the hardware layer, provided by the device manufacturer or Canonical, the system layer, provided by Canonical, a layer of frameworks that extend the base system produced by vendors in collaboration with Canonical, and a set of snappy applications, provided directly by vendors. Updating any piece just means using the new version of a read-only image, reverting to a previous version is just as easy.


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