The following steps describe how to backup the content of your microSD card copying the image to a compressed file named erleimage.img.gz:

  • Connect the microSD card to your computer using a USB adapter or a SD one (if your computer supports it).
  • Open a terminal and figure out the what is the interface under /dev (Linux systems, in Mac OS it's usually mounted under /Volumes) where your microSD has been mounted. Let's suppose /dev/sdc.
  • Backup the content:
sudo dd if=/dev/sdc bs=8M | gzip -c > erleimage.img.gz

(Note: in Mac OS the 8M should be substituted by 8m. For example: sudo dd if=/dev/disk1 bs=8m | gzip -c > wheezy-rt-3.8.13_9-2-14.img.gz)

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