Erle Robotics: Erle-copter

Power Module


The Power Module incorporates both a way to power your autopilot, accessories and report battery voltage and current to the PXF. All through a single and tightly included 6-pin cable that directly matches the PXF’s connector. The on-board switching regulator outputs 5.3V at a maximum of 2.25A, and can be used up to 18 Volts (4S LiPo) and at a maximum of 90 amps. The Power Module is ready to use with XT60 connectors pre-fitted, and shrink wrapped for protection.

Note: The Power Module is rated at 2.25 Amps to power the PXF’s, receiver and peripherals (GPS and Telemetry radio) ONLY. To power servos use an ESC with an adequate BEC or a standalone BEC plugged into the output bus, and remove jumper 1 to isolate the two power lines.

Power Module Dual


Besides the traditional power module, at Erle Robotics, we've developed a Power Module Dual that allows to supply power to the drone using two sources in a way that if one of the sources fails the drone automatically switches into another one.

This is perfect for safety and mission critical systems.