Erle Robotics: Erle-copter

Guided mode

Guided mode is a capability of APM:Copter to dynamically guide the copter to a target location wirelessly using a telemetry radio module and ground station application. This page provides instructions for using guided mode.

Guided mode is not a traditional flight mode that would be assigned to a mode switch like other flight modes. The guided mode capability is enabled using a ground station application (such as Mission Planner) and telemetry radio. This capability allows you to interactively command the copter to travel to a target location by clicking on a point on the Ground Station Flight Data map. Once the location is reached, the copter will hover at that location, waiting for the next target. Follow Me mode also uses Guided Mode to make the copter follow the pilot around the field.


  • Set up your copter at the field and establish a MAVLink connection over wireless telemetry between your copter and your laptop.
  • On your laptop make sure that it’s working and that you have a GPS lock.
  • Take off in Stabilize mode and once at a reasonable altitude, switch to Loiter.
  • In the Ground Station Flight Data screen map, try right-clicking on a nearby spot.
  • The vehicle should fly to the target location and wait there until you enter another location or switch to another mode.

Note: There’s no need to set up one of your flight modes as “Guided”