Installing and Configuring BeaglePilot

As stated before, BeaglePilot relies on the AP_HAL_Linux of ardupilot.

Installing BeaglePilot is as easy as cloning the code and making it:

git clone
cd ardupilot

ardupilot supports for the time being three kind of vehicles: copters, planes and rovers. Let's focus on copters for now:

cd ArduCopter

Now we generate some config files (just needed once):

make configure

And finally we compile the code:

make erle

You could target other boards, no only erle. At the time of writting, pxf is also supported.

A log of the compilation process is provided here.

In a BeagleBone (white) running at 720 MHz (perf. mode) the compilation time is about 10 minutes.

After the compilation, you should have an at the /tmp directory.

If you wish to deploy the executables somewhere else define the enviromental variable TMPDIR. This variable might be defined already if you use one of our images.

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