MAVProxy: A UAV ground station software package for MAVLink based systems

MAVProxy is a fully-functioning Ground Control Station for UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The intent is for a minimalist, portable and extendable Ground Control Station (GCS) for any UAV supporting the MAVLink protocol.


  • It is a command-line, console based app. There are plugins included in MAVProxy to provide a basic GUI.
  • Can be networked and run over any number of computers.
  • It's portable; it should run on any POSIX OS with python, pyserial, and select() function calls, which means Linux, OS X, Windows, and others.
  • The light-weight design means it can run on small netbooks with ease.
  • It supports loadable modules, and has modules to support console/s, moving maps, joysticks, antenna trackers, etc.
  • Tab-completion of commands.

You can launch mavproxy with the following options: -h
Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        MAVLink master port and optional baud rate
  --out=DEVICE[,BAUD]   MAVLink output port and optional baud rate
  --baudrate=BAUDRATE   default serial baud rate
  --sitl=SITL           SITL output port
                        MAVLink stream rate
                        MAVLink source system for this GCS
                        MAVLink target master system
                        MAVLink target master component
  --logfile=LOGFILE     MAVLink master logfile
  -a, --append-log      Append to log files
  --quadcopter          use quadcopter controls
  --setup               start in setup mode
  --nodtr               disable DTR drop on close
  --show-errors         show MAVLink error packets
  --speech              use text to speach
                        number of LiPo battery cells
  --aircraft=AIRCRAFT   aircraft name
  --cmd=CMD             initial commands
  --console             use GUI console
  --map                 load map module
                        Load the specified module. Can be used multiple times,
                        or with a comma separated list
  --mav09               Use MAVLink protocol 0.9
  --auto-protocol       Auto detect MAVLink protocol version
  --nowait              don't wait for HEARTBEAT on startup
  --continue            continue logs
  --dialect=DIALECT     MAVLink dialect
  --rtscts              enable hardware RTS/CTS flow control
  --mission=MISSION     mission name

Usually you want to launch mavproxy either through a serial or network interface:

  • ` --master=/dev/ttyUSB0``
  • --master=


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